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A recent survey from the London School of Economics estimates that only 16% of autistic adults in the UK are in full-time employment, even though 77% of those survey respondents reported wanting to work. The Next Steps Foundation was established to support the 77% to find the employment opportunities that they are looking for.

Our service is and will always be free for autistic jobseekers. We provide employability support, skills development and mentoring, so that jobseekers who work with us are equipped with all they need to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

From humble beginnings, The Next Steps Foundation has grown to become an action-driven organisation, collaborating with partners such as Bristol City Council, The Financial Times and the University of Bath.

Led by an autistic founder with a neurodiverse time, we use our lived experience to create sustainable momentum towards our goal of helping the 77% into the work they want.

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