The Next Steps Foundation

Bridging the gap between autism and employment.

Established in Bristol in 2017 to provide mentoring and support to autistic jobseekers.

Led by an autistic founder, our team has built up a network of neurodiversity confident employers and universities, with whom we partner to place talented autistic individuals into rewarding careers.

Our mentoring programme helps autistic jobseekers to match their skills and interests to an ideal role, supporting them throughout the application process and nurturing their self-confidence.

If you are an autistic jobseeker looking for employment please sign up below.

For employers interested in our recruitment services and university engagement programmes, please get in touch with our team.

Services we provide


Through 1-1 tailored sessions and a dedicated job coach, we guide our candidates from the job hunt through to finding and starting their job. Our support does not stop there, once our candidates have started the stay in contact to advise and ensure job satisfaction.

Employer support

We help employers with hiring and on-boarding neurodiverse employees. Through workshops, management training and recommending achievable small changes in their recruitment process.

University Programmes

We deliver bespoke programmes for cohorts of students. Working with neurodiverse student ambassadors, career departments and placement officers to ensure alignment of the programme to the students.

Team & Ambassadors


The Next Steps Foundation

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